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Welcome to Kobe Surprise!! New XXX Japanese Game Show Video just added on Thursday January 7, 2010
The Masked Fucking Avengers pure cfnm
The Masked Fucking Avengers
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My boy was telling me that he always wanted to fuck some chick in a superhero mask. We being such good friends decided to help him out and while were at video tape it also. You know for posterity's So we picked up this hottie around the corner and brought her back to our Superhero headquarters for some fun. She really got into it when we flashed the cash and our buddy finaly got to fulfill his fantasy. All in all a job well done by the masked fucking avengers!

Watch these hot Asian girls participate in our crazy XXX Japanese game show!
These Asian sluts are willing to do anything for cash…and we filmed it.

Business Woman have all the Fun
Added: December 24, 2009
So we went out with the camera last night see if we pick us up a nice hottie to fuck and we found ourselves a business women in need of some TFC(tender funcking care!) So we ask her back to ourplace and the chick immediately agrees, man was this lady horny! Anyway we get into freaky shit and she...
School Girl Delight
Added: December 10, 2009
So this guy asks these two lovely girls to come into his room. When they sit down he asks them to watch him jerk off! At first the girls seem disgusted but they quickly turn the tables on our unsupecting sicko and go to town on him humiliating him in all sorts of manners. Check it out you'll love...
Old Dirty Bastard
Added: November 26, 2009
No not the rapper! He's dead. This old guy with a deformed penis decides he had enough of the whole no sex business and goes out and gets himself a hottie. Well to make a long story short he pays this hottie to do all these weird outlandish shit to him and has her finish him off with a handjob!

Aya and Yukina
Added: November 12, 2009
Aya and Yukima are two sweet hot girls who are willing to help anybody out. When our poor anti-social friend decides he wants to take a step to being closer to to women our girls jump at the chance to help him out! These girls give him a thorough fucking of his life that our home-boy will never...
Hello Nurse!
Added: October 29, 2009
We came across some hot nurses on one of our regular outings the other night and asked them back to our place. These two were ready to put what they learned in school about caring for other to the test as they gave our buddies one of the best blowjobs I've seen in a while.
Name that Penis: Surprise Ending
Added: October 15, 2009
Hi there Welcome back to "Name that Penis". We got a good one for you today. I won't let on to much but let's just say this one's got a surprise ending in store for you guys. Kaede and Shin have been together for short while and they say they know everything about each other. Well they I'm here...

Candy Stripers
Added: October 1, 2009
These had to be the hottest candy strippers we had ever seen and we had o get them back to our place for some fun. After some pleasant little chit chat they agreed to head back with us to party. Almost right away they showed thier true colors and got down and dirty with our crew. Man these girls...
Magic Wand Madness
Added: September 17, 2009
Today we have Manami and Asami and they are looking to win some money by playing our crazy twisted Japanese Parcheesi game. In this game they have to roll the dice to move along the game board, while performing the actions of whatever space they land on.. enough with the rules, you want to know...
Third times the charm
Added: September 3, 2009
So since last time we had such a great time with the last business women we picked we decided to up our game and take 3 home. Well we found three almost right away that were willing to come with us and they did. Let me not spoil the fun but I have to say this you will never look at a fork the...

Name that Penis: Helping hands
Added: August 20, 2009
Welcome to Japan's favorite game show "Name that Penis". Today's young couple hails from Osaka Japan and they've been together quite some time now. He's a garbage man and she manually masturbates lab animals for scientific research. Meet Aiha and Yuki. Yuki will try and name her boyfriends penis...
I can do it better
Added: August 6, 2009
WAZZAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Young Fuku here with another episode on the bus with Ayu & Mari. These girls were very hard to find & when we found them, they played hard to get but the more money we offered the more comfortable they got. Ryu couldn't cum with a blowjob from Ayu so Mari had to step in &...
Sharing is Caring
Added: July 23, 2009
WAZZZZAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Young Fuku here & let's get straight to it. Today we got 2 very sexy ladies on the bus Mari & Emi & boy they are willing to work for that money. Anyway after hours & hours of trying to convince them to give our light man a blowjob they finally gave in for the right...

She's SOOO selfish
Added: July 9, 2009
Young Fuku is officially back in full effect maaan. Just kiding anywho WAZZZAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Today I bring to you one of my favs so far Manami. Mann this girl is sexy & with sexy comes stuck up & with stuck up comes "I'm not having sex" & with I'm not having sex" comes well... Ryu & the crew...
Shop Lift a Handjob
Added: June 25, 2009
Wazaaaaaaaaaaa????? It's ya boy YOUNG FUKU pronounced (yuhng foo-koo maaaaaannnnnnn!!!!!) . Anyway we drove around for hours today until we got lucky & met this pretty young thing who made it possible to bring you another crazy ass episode on the Tokyo sex bus. So we got this hot ass girl on the...
Riding The Donkey
Added: June 11, 2009
We got two cuties playing our fucked up board game for all of you today, and you're not going to believe some of the shit they had to go through! It still amazes me what people will do when they need some cash! These girls pretty much had no idea what they were getting into when they stepped into...

It's Getting Hot In Here
Added: May 28, 2009
Welcome to Super Hot Bath! We pick up girls off the street and try to let them win some money by staying in a tub full of hot water for 3 minutes. We found this girl walking home and we were able to get her for $500. Not bad! She chose a ball for her outfit, and ended up with the racing...
Dousing The Duo
Added: May 14, 2009
We were prowling the streets at night, and found two girls that agreed to be on the show for $500 each. We didn't really tell them the rules until we got there, but hey they seemed cool with it! We put them into a skin tight WHITE bathing suit and a ridiculously small pink one and then told them...
Steamy Cheerleaders
Added: April 30, 2009
Score! We found two real cute young girls for this weeks episode of Super Hot Bath! We had them dress up as cheerleaders before their attempt at staying in the water for 3 minutes and then we gave them a few tries to do it but epic failure came to them in the form of a blowjob and massager! One...

Too Hot To Handle
Added: April 16, 2009
We found a cute news reporter and told her to come do a story on our new game show, we even told her we would pay her. She came along and we told her the rules and gave her a tiny red bikini to get into. She didn't last long in the hot bath and we pulled a guy from the crew to fuck her for her...

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